Survey Digital Photovoltaics as a certified company Great Place To Work, as well as official ambassador of the United Nations Sustainable Development, leads another Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), by collaborating with the specialized Mental Health Consultant Mr. Nikita Athanasiadis, from the staff of Survey Digital will have the opportunity of a personalized one-hour session, monthly. “Success comes from taking the initiative and following up..Persisting..What simple action could you take today to produce a new momentum towards success in your life?” Tony Robbins.

At Survey Digital we stand by our people, supporting everything that promotes evolution and progress. ” In the photo, the Financial Director of Survey Digital Photovoltaics Mrs. Evelyn Zanni with the Mental Health Consultant Mr. Nikita Athanasiadis. You can find Nikita Athanasiadis on social media on Instagram as athanasiadis.niki & on Facebook as Athanasiadis N. Mental Health Consultant.