About Survey Digital

Survey Digital has a long history in photovoltaic energy market, active since 2006 in development, engineering, procurement, construction, project management, after sales technical support of inverters and SCADA systems, as well as O&M for utility scale photovoltaic installations.

Since 2006, Survey Digital has developed more than 2GW of PV projects in Greece, Italy, Bulgaria, USA and Lebanon, while since 2008, Survey Digital has provided engineering, procurement, construction, commissioning and project management for 53MWs of PV parks in Greece, Mauritania, Lebanon and Eritrea.
Since 2012, Survey Digital is providing O&M services for a portfolio of 200MW photovoltaic parks in Europe and the Middle East.

Survey Digital financials are proven viable and sustainable over the years. The company has a rich infrastructure and a profitable business plan. As a result, Survey Digital business has been approved by Alpha Bank Greece for financing its operations in September 2014, proven bankable. In addition within 2019 and 2020, Alpha Bank has provided debt for approx. €120 million for its own photovoltaic parks portfolio.

Who Is Survey Digital

Survey Digital entered the solar market in 2006, providing consultancy services to private investors in order to fully permit and develop utility scale photovoltaic installations. The company provided the full package of studies and support (production licenses, environmental approvals, installation & operation licenses, financing, EU subsidies, EPC consultancy, etc.).

In early 2009, Survey Digital entered the market of advanced power electronics, acting as Satcon’s authorized distributor for Greece, Bulgaria and Cyprus. The company originally was re-selling photovoltaic inverters but was evolved later as a photovoltaic developer, focusing in the markets of Greece, Bulgaria, Italy and the USA. But in order to convince a customer to accept the purchase of a PV system, a local after sales technical support mechanism had to be in place. So back then, the company financed and instituted a technical team to commission and technically support the systems sold to the investors/owners of the photovoltaic projects. These service engineers received training on central inverter troubleshooting in 2009 and today they consist one of the greatest teams available for inverter manufacturers and act as their service mechanism in the EMEA region.
After 2011, Survey Digital started providing construction and commissioning services for projects in Greece, installing a portfolio of 33MW of PV projects until 2012.

After 2015, Survey Digital started providing construction and commissioning services for projects in Africa and the Middle East, installing successfully a portfolio of 20MW of hybrid photovoltaic projects in Mauritania, Lebanon and Eritrea.
After 2019 Survey Digital is developing a significant portfolio of more than 400MW of PV projects in Greece, from which 350MW is owned by special purpose vehicle companies that Survey Digital is participating as the major shareholder.

Survey Digital is a company expert in all photovoltaic projects stages, having successfully provided permitting of licenses, consultancy, development, financing, purchase and sale of solar SPVs, engineering, procurement, construction, construction oversee for other EPCs, operation and maintenance of utility scale solar projects globally.

The company has the following business units:

  • Development of photovoltaic projects
  • EPC for photovoltaic projects/Construction oversee and project management
  • Operation & Maintenance of utility scale photovoltaic systems

Vision: As the global society has agreed in 2015 in Paris to reduce the carbon emissions and delay the climate change, there will be a constant need and rising trend for many solar energy projects to be developed and grid connected around the globe. The 540GW mark at a global level could be reached by 2020. A significant market is the one in Europe, having already installed dozens of GW of solar projects. These projects will be operating for decades and in the meantime, the emerging markets of Middle East and North Africa provide a huge need for solar experts to provide all kind of services in the solar business. Survey Digital, with more than a decade of experience in utility scale photovoltaic projects, aims to contribute to this task and to support this effort with the most professional way.

Mission: Our mission is to support our partners and our clients to install and operate as many solar projects within the EMEA region. In that way, local communities and people will enjoy clean and affordable energy, reducing our carbon footprint and preserving our physical wealth. This can be realized due to our professional approach on the business, which is based not only on our scientific background but also on our huge experience over the past decade.

Values & Code of Ethics: The need for change in the energy industry is coupled by the need for change in business practices and social responsibility. That is why Survey Digital’s values and code of ethics follow a “Clean energy promoted by clean business practices” approach. Survey Digital’s business customs and processes promote efficiency, honesty, integrity, transparency and loyalty to our partners and society, in the utmost professional and efficient manner. We also aim to be a socially and environmentally responsible organization, implementing green practices under our Corporate Social Responsibility policy. This policy looks to make our staff feel loyal and proud of being part of the Survey Digital team, while we help bring about real changes to human lives and to society.

We are always in search of new colleagues for our growing team, people that have the ambition to become solar experts and provide professional services to the photovoltaic energy market. We are an international company, therefore all candidates need to know fluent English, advanced computer and network skills and understanding of electrical/electronic phenomena. Most important though is for the candidates to have the appetite to discover the secrets of the photovoltaic energy business. If you feel that your profile fits that description, please send us your resume.

Meet Our Management Team

Kostιs Daniilidis Ph.D
Kostιs Daniilidis Ph.DManaging Partner

Kostis is the Managing and sole Partner of all Survey Digital companies of the Group, an entrepreneur active in the solar market since 2006. He has founded four Survey Digital companies in Greece, Cyprus, China (Hong Kong) and Iran, with all companies being active in the photovoltaic development, EPC and O&M of utility scale installations. Especially the Greek Survey Digital Photovoltaics Single Shareholder SA, participates as the major shareholder in 5 special purpose vehicle companies (Survey Energy #1, Survey Energy #2, Survey Belsolar 21, Survey Algodonera Gamma, Survey Kilkis Solar), companies that own a portfolio of 350MW of PV projects in Greece. Kostis is a Ph.D. Engineer and graduate of the National Technical University of Athens.

Lefteris Souleles M.Sc
Lefteris Souleles M.Sc EPC Director
Lefteris is the EPC Director of Survey Digital. His is a senior field service engineer, with mass experience on advanced inverter troubleshooting and telecommunications systems. Lefteris holds a degree in Electronic Engineering from the Technological Educational Institute of Athens, a Bachelor Degree in Electrical & Electronic Engineering from Loughborough University (UK) and an MSc in Communication Systems & Signal Processing from Bristol University (UK).
Evelyn Zanni M.Sc
Evelyn Zanni M.ScFinancial Director
Evelyn is the Financial Director of Survey Digital since 2014. She has worked for many years in responsible positions for the companies ΙΒΜ Hellas, Sarantis Grour of companies and the Auxiliary Fund Insurance of Liability Arising out of Motor Accident. She holds a BA in Economics and Masters in Economic Analysis for Business Executives from the University of Piraeus.
John Panterlis M.Sc
John Panterlis M.ScCommercial Director
John is currently the Commercial Director of Survey Digital Photovoltaics. He is responsible for all the commercial issues, sales, procurement, marketing as well as business development.
Starting as field service engineer, John holds a huge experience in power electronics and communication systems. Having trained and certified by various inverters’, SCADA and single axis structure manufacturers like: Huawei, Sungrow, AlsoEnergy- Skytron, Arcelor Mittal, Nclave has acquired massive experience and skills on Photovoltaic Installations. Furthermore, John has established and currently managing the Iranian branch office headquartered on Esfahan (Survey Digital Pars), supervising the local personnel, providing O&M services (LV/MV) on the local contracts.
John holds a degree in Electronic Engineering from the University West Attica of Athens and an MSc in Energy Systems from Heriot Watt University (Edinburgh).
Nikos Velios
Nikos VeliosO&M Director
Nikos is the Operations & Maintenance Director of Survey Digital. He is an expert field service engineer and in charge for the proper operation of the whole PV portfolio of Survey Digital contracts. He holds a BEng degree in Electrical Engineering from the Technological Educational Institute of Athens, as well as an educational license. Nikos has 6 years of professional experience in design, installation & commissioning, operation & mainetnance of PV systems. He has received training in Greece and Austria for providing services in Satcon, Sungrow, AlsoEnergy, Fronius, Bonfiglioli, SMA, Power-One and ABB PVS800 systems.
Anastasis Papargyris
Anastasis PapargyrisDevelopment Director
Anastasis is the Development Director of Survey Digital. He holds a BSc degree in Electronics Engineering and an MSc degree in Advanced Electronic Systems by the University of West Attica. Anastasis is responsible for engineering and development services, managing a huge portfolio under development in terms of greenfield PV. He also possesses a significant experience in technical due diligence for PV projects and PPA auction processes.
George Sotiropoulos M.Sc
George Sotiropoulos M.ScConstruction & Commissioning Manager
George is an expert PV engineer, with significant experience in construction & commisioning of utility scale PV projects in the EMEA region. He holds a BEng and MSc degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the Polytechnic School of the University of Patra. George has more than 8 years’ experience as a field engineer, having supervised projects in Greece, Lebanon, Mauritanmia, Eritrea.
George Lostarakos
George LostarakosDevelopment Manager
George holds a BA in Finance from the University of Piraeus. He is supporting the greenfield PV development business unit in Survey Digital, managing negotiations with land owners and permitting Agencies.
George Katsigiannis
George KatsigiannisSenior Field Service Engineer
George is a senior field service engineer with 20 years of experience in electro-mechanics and constructions and 10 years of experience in solar PV. George holds a B.A. degree in Electrical engineering from the Technological Educational Institute of Piraeus and is a Satcon, Sungrow, Power One, Santerno, AlsoEnergy and ABB certified technician, having attended advanced level inverter training programs in Canada, China, Italy, Greece and Finland.
Dora Petropoulou
Dora PetropoulouDevelopment Engineer
Dora is a Development Engineer of Survey Digital holding a degree in Rular and Surveying Engineering from the National Technical University of Athens. She is responsible for the total licensing of the entire photovoltaic parks portfolio of Survey Digital, having undertaken all the preparation, redaction and submission of the files and the applications within the licensing process of the projects as well as the communication with the relevant public authorities. She also deals with the technical evaluation of new plots of land and she supports the technical studies for the design of the initial phase of the projects, while at the same time cooperates with the local external partners.
Evi Patila
Evi PatilaEPC Engineer
Evi is an Electrical and Computer Engineer, graduated from the National Technical University of Athens. She is responsible for the engineering of the EPC business, as well as supporting the construction managers both for on-site visits and back-office. Furthermore, she has a supporting role in the commercial department in the area of sales, procurement and marketing.
John Abatzoglou
John AbatzoglouField Service Engineer
John is a Field Service Engineer. He holds a BSc degree in Energy Technology Engineer from Technical Institute of Athens and a MSc degree in Energy Systems from the University of West Attica in cooperation with Heriot Watt University. His main responsibilities are the maintenance and repair of photovoltaics systems.
Konstantinos Rapos
Konstantinos RaposField Service Engineer
Konstantinos is a Field Service Engineer. His responsibilities are company’s technical matters, as well as electrical interventions inside and outside photovoltaic stations.
Konstantinos has 2 years of experience in technical electrical field and 1 year in O&M issues. He holds a BEng as an Energy Technology Engineer from Technical Institute of Athens, with a direction in Electrical Ιnstallations.
 George Kagioulis
George KagioulisField Service Engineer
George is a Field Service Engineer. His main responsibilities are the operation, maintenance and repair of photovoltaic systems. George has one year of work experience in electrical installations. He holds a degree in Electrical Installations from a vocational high school and a BSc degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from the University of West Attica. He also holds a training certificate in Smart Energy Grids from the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens.
Ariadni Economou
Ariadni EconomouExecutive Assistant
Ariadni is the Executive Assistant of Survey Digital. She is responsible for acting as the administrative point of contact between the executives and internal/external clients, arranging and monitoring corporate operations, events, and documentation and ensuring the company’s compliance with the International Organization for Standardization System. She holds a BA in Rural Engineering from the Technological Educational Institute of Athens. She is fully proficient in spoken and written English, with a working proficiency in German and Italian.
John Zakynthinos
John ZakynthinosAccounting
John is a graduate of Deere College in finance and in charge of the accounting in Survey Digital. On top of Survey Digital, John is managing a significant volume of special purpose vehicle (SPV) companies of photovoltaic projects and he is in charge of budgeting and reporting.
Erasmia Tzora
Erasmia TzoraAccounting
Erasmia is a graduate of the University of Piraeus with a degree in Business Organization and Management. She is an accounting officer at Survey Digital and she is responsible for recording the company’s financial data as well as supporting financial analysis.
Argyro Papanagiotou
Argyro PapanagiotouAccounting
Argyro is appointed in the Financial and Accounting Department of Survey Digital providing financial control to privately owned PV Projects as well as clients companies that generate electricity from photovoltaic projects. She has a finance and economic background having worked across a range of business sectors such as in accounting, auditing and consulting. She studied Business Administration at the University of the Aegean and she holds an MBA from Gatton College of Business and Economics, University of Kentucky.
Mehrdad Alian
Mehrdad AlianMiddle East Director
Mehrdad is the Director of the Middle East office, managing the local teams for the Middle East O&M business. Mehrdad is trained by Exosun, Nclave, SMA and Huawei to provide maintenance services and troubleshooting.
Sahar Bahman
Sahar BahmanMiddle East Financial Director
Sahar is the Financial Director of Survey Digital Pars . She is responsible for all accounting procedures and financial obligations of the company. She has worked for 1 year as an office expert , 1 year as Director of Administration , 7 years as Warehouse Manager and 2 years as a Financial manager. She holds a BA in Industrial management and MSc in International Business Management.
Masoud Alian
Masoud AlianMiddle East Field Service Engineer
Masoud is a Field Service Engineer of Survey Digital Pars. He is responsible for maintenance in solar plant and experienced in 20kv MV Substations. He has received certified training by Exosun, Nclave, SMA and Huawei for maintenance services and troubleshooting. Masoud has 3 years of experience in technical electrical field and 3 years in O&M issues. He holds a BA in Power Engineering.
Hossein Almasi
Hossein AlmasiMiddle East Field Service Engineer
Hossein is a Field Service Engineer of Survey Digital Pars. He is responsible for maintenance services in PV plants and experienced in 20kv MV Substations. He has received certified training by Exosun, Nclave, SMA and Huawei for maintenance services and troubleshooting. Hossein has 2 years of experience in technical electrical field and 2 years in O&M issues. He is a in microgrid expert and he hold MSc in Power Engineering.